About My Readiness Coach


Cass C. Wright


Cass C. Wright M.S., President, and founder of My Readiness Coach, works tirelessly on behalf of all students and their families. Cass believes that all students should have the opportunity to attend some form of post-secondary education and that parents and mentors should have access to comprehensive information at an affordable price. Thus allowing students to make informed decisions.


These beliefs surrounding education were developed throughout the decade that Cass spent as a middle/high school Assistant Principal, and the Program Coordinator of the Educational Talent Search program. Educational Talent Search is a national TRIO program that supports students as early as Kindergarten through 12th grade throughout their journey to attend some form of post-secondary education with full funding in hand.

Background & STATS

  • B.S. in Education, Gannon University


  • Master’s in Education, Edinboro University


  • Worked as a Program Coordinator for 
    the U.S. Department of Educational Talent Search Program (a Federal TRIO Program)


  • Assisted over 3,500 students through the post-secondary process and secured over $55 million in scholarships and financial aid.