Entrepreneurship Readiness

For students who are looking to start their own company.


Are you a high school student that would someday like to be your own boss? Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Don’t know what to do about your great business idea? If you have ever thought about these life-altering situations, then you need My Readiness Coach Entrepreneurship Readiness Program. 

Let our My Readiness Coach help you achieve your dreams. Being an entrepreneur can be full of risks. These risks are minimized through drafting a business plan, knowing your competition, and successful marketing. All these and more can be found throughout our entrepreneurship series of online and personal webinars.


How My Readiness Coach can help you on your journey to becoming an entrepreneur:

  • Find the right business.

  • Learning the basics of starting a business.

  • Determine if you will need some form of education.

  • Networking opportunities.

  • Steps for planning your business model.

  • Help with finding your target audience.

  • Crafting your idea into a value-add product.

  • Creating your business plan.

  • Marketing your ideas.

  • Entrepreneur salary and job growth.

  • Understanding the market and competition.

  • Human resources.


Students that have a genuine passion, hard-working, and have a great idea and a knack for learning, can build a great business and become a success story for other students to follow. 


Before you can start becoming an entrepreneur, however, you need to understand what an entrepreneur is, what it isn’t, and what it takes to become an entrepreneur. You should also understand what educations, including entrepreneur degrees will help, as well as the pitfalls that you need to avoid.


Think you can be your own boss and blaze your own trail as an entrepreneur? Then let’s explore the exciting and unpredictable world of entrepreneurship with My Readiness Coach for Entrepreneur Readiness Program.