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College & Careers Program

For students and their parents.

The My Readiness Coach program is a personal resource to the college and career readiness process. Through a series of weekly video modules, worksheets, and assessments, My Readiness Coach provides all the essential steps to find, enroll, and receive financial aid and support for the post-secondary process. There are post-secondary options after high school, and it is our goal to assure that planning is as stress-free as possible. This program provides all the information necessary for students to prepare for college and careers while having a fulfilling high school experience.

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Benefits for 9th – 12th Grade Students

  • Students follow a clearly communicated process for college and career readiness.

  • Ninth through 12th grade students have access to over 800 modules, worksheets and assessments for college and career readiness.

  • Completion of all financial aid paperwork, the FAFSA, state grants, work study, payment installment, student loans and scholarships searches.

  • Ability to conduct career assessments.

  • Provided a true college and career timeline.

  • Students are provided a series of online live webinars for planning out their college and career plans.

  • Program ensures that every student has a college readiness success program.

  • Grade level transition program.

  • Individual career plan portfolio.

  • College search tool.

  • Helpful college planning links.

  • Access to My Readiness Coach student advisors five days a week 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.

  • Updated on weekly news concerning college and career readiness per grade level.

  • Ability to report incidents of school violence and bullying in a confidential safe way.

  • Five years of post-high school support and guidance.

Benefits for 9th – 12th Grade Parents

  • Guides parents through the admissions and complete financial aid process.

  • Parents and students are able to participate in online weekly webinars per grade level, and program of study with no additional cost.

  • Updated on weekly news concerning college and career readiness per grade level.

  • Parents are kept well informed on the process of being college and career ready.

  • Clearly defines the parent’s role in preparing their children for college and career readiness.

  • Provides parents with mentoring tools for college and career readiness.

  • Provides parents the opportunity to attend live weekly webinars concerning college and career readiness.

  • Help parents understand the complete process of financial aid, like the completion of the FAFSA, state grant opportunities, work-study, payment installments and student loans.

  • Parents are also assigned a program to follow based on their child’s college and career readiness goals.

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