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College & Careers Program

The My Readiness Coach program is a personal resource to the college and career process. Through a series of weekly video modules, worksheets and assessments, My Readiness Coach provides all the essential steps to find, enroll, and receive financial aid and support for the post-secondary process. There are post-secondary options after high school and it is our goal to assure that planning is as stress-free as possible. This program provides all the information necessary for students to prepare for college and careers while having a fulfilling high school experience.

Student Athletes Program

The My Readiness Coach series of sports portals is designed to help potential high school athletes prepare for the rigors of becoming eligible to play college sports at Division I, II and III levels as well as being ready to play sports at an NAIA or Junior/Community College. 

School Districts Program

The high school years go by in the blink of an eye.  One minute a student is an in-coming freshman looking for their homeroom or locker, making new friends, and wondering about going to prom.  The next thing they know, they are faced with SAT and ACT testing, understanding FAFSA aid requirements, and ordering caps and gowns.  Regardless the path the student plans – whether it’s a four-year college/university, a two-year trade school, or the decision to serve their county, it’s important they know when and how to begin the college and career readiness preparation process.  

Woman in an Office
Workforce Readiness Program

With the U.S. economy in its current state, making the transition from high school to the world of work can be overwhelming if you’re a high school graduate that has little or no work experience.  

Knowing what your next move into the workforce should be is imperative. For a majority of students that are considering transitioning into the workforce from high school it can be a rewarding experience, while for others not so much. Students that are taking the step to enter the workforce need to have a clear understanding that the basic training that employers are looking for will be an essential part of the hiring process students face after high school.


My Readiness Coach ensures that every high school student has the necessary skills and discipline to be competent hires for the business community.