Webinar Events

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As part of your membership, you can participate in multiple webinars hosted by My Readiness Coach professional student advisors. All webinars are grade specific. Parents and mentors are encouraged to attend.


Students and parents can also schedule one on one individual sessions with our team of professional student advisors. Students and parents can also use our breakout meeting rooms to interact with other students and parents that are going through the same process of college and career planning.


All webinars dates, times, and descriptions will appear on your Student Readiness Event Calendar. Webinar seating will be limited to the first 50 students, parents, and mentors that enroll in order to answer any questions or concerns that are impacting their college and career preparation.​

  • 12th Grade: How to Navigate College Admissions During COVID–19.

  • 12th Grade Student-Athletes: Are You Eligible to Play College Sports? 

  • 9th Grade Student-Athletes: Understanding NCAA Core Course Requirements

  • 9th Grade: Building Your College List

  • 12th Grade: Meeting Your College Cost

  • 10th Grade: Understanding Your College Admissions Options

  • 12th Grade: Finalizing Your Final College Selection

  • 10th Grade Student-Athletes: NCAA Registration

  • 11th Grade: The Importance of SAT and ACT Test Preparation

  • 9th - 12th Grade: Virtual Campus Tours

  • 11th Grade Student-Athletes: Meeting the NCAA GPA Requirements

  • 9th - 12th Grade Parents/Mentors: How to Assist Your Teen with College Planning During COVID-19

  • 9th - 12th Grade: Comparing Colleges

  • 12th Grade: Finalizing Your Financial Aid

  • 10th Grade: Scheduling Virtual College Admissions Interviews

  • 12th Grade: Student Loan Overview - Federal vs. Private

  • 12th Grade Student-Athletes: Introduction to Playing at an NAIA School

  • 12th Grade Student-Athletes: Exploring Playing at a Community College