Workforce Readiness

For students who are looking to enter the workforce after graduating from high school.

Woman in an Office

With the U.S. economy in its current state, making the transition from high school to the world of work can be overwhelming if you’re a high school graduate that has little or no work experience.  

Knowing what your next move into the workforce should be is imperative. For a majority of students that are considering transitioning into the workforce from high school it can be a rewarding experience, while for others not so much. Students that are taking the step to enter the workforce need to have a clear understanding that the basic training that employers are looking for will be an essential part of the hiring process students face after high school.


My Readiness Coach ensures that every high school student has the necessary skills and discipline to be competent hires for the business community.


The students gain school-based work experience in the following areas:

  • What are Employers Looking for In Applicants?

  • Researching Employment Opportunities

  • Assistance with Resume Writing

  • Assistance with Creating Outstanding Cover Letters

  • Applying for Employment Opportunities

  • The Job Application Process

  • Appropriate Social Skills

  • Overview of the Complete Interview Process

  • Soft Skills Awareness

  • Accepting and Rejecting a Job Offer

  • Information on Negotiating Salaries

  • Deciding on Employment Options


My Readiness Coach further provides all students with the experience of learning everything they need to know about employment readiness prior to gaining an employment opportunity. Each student is provided a team of professional mentors that will support and guide them throughout the program year.